LARP Agincourt warhammer

NERO-approved foam, latex, and rubber warhammer - for LARP usage or other sparring fun (pull one of these out next time you're in light fencing gear and show those rapierists what a good time medieval vs renaissance combat is all about.) Features a detailed hammer head with a large back spike for happy bonking and armor piercing (engagement rules may vary). The suede wrapped hard rubber handle offers good balance and excellent control. For WMAW 2013 friends - yes, this is the hammer I was wearing for the Saturday night formal dinner (did I mention that this goes great with a Conan t-shirt?) You can also use it for it's original purpose: bonking French knights lying in the mud.

length: 27"
head: 10 1/2"
leather wrapped grip: 8"
weight: 7.0 oz

Closeout Price: $55

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