Quilted Armor XXL gambeson

From my Samples, Singulars, and Somethings Completely Different collection -

I got this gambeson back in 2015, made by the wonderful folks at Quilted Armor. It was an off-the rack 50" chest XXL, and it fits my chest just fine - however, on me, it's just a bit tight across the shoulders and in the elbow/lower arms when I bring my arms forward across my chest (but I have wide shoulders and big arms - not bragging, just letting you know for sizing.) I've been meaning to get it tailored / let out a bit, but since I haven't seemed to have gotten around to that in the five years this has been just hanging out in the armory - it's time to let someone else have it. (Besides, I live in TEXAS - there's about two weeks out of the year when I can wear a thick quilted gambeson without dying of heat stroke.) Anyway - if you fit an off-the-rack size 48-52, this'll fit you just fine, and it'll suit your needs a lot better than it will mine.

Price: $230

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