German battle axe circa 1420

War axe with 4mm blunt edges for stage, film, faire, and reenactment combat. I have no idea what the runes/symbols are meant to represent (a friend suggested that they are written in Predator), but they are reproduced exactly as seen on the original. This is a nice sturdy axe head that you can mount yourself on any length handle and happily use on your (well armored and or choreographically well-practiced) friends. It also give off a very nice ring when tapped, and will help make your fights flow like music. Supplied is a mount-it-yourself axe head only, the haft in some of the pictures above is a trained photographer's model and is not included in the sale price. Yes, that's right - we give you just the head, not the shaft.

length: 7 3/4" edge to back
edge: 8 1/4" around curve
blade edge: 4mm, also known as 1/8"
socket opening: 1 7/8" x 1 1/8"
haft length: up to you!
weight: 1 lb 8.0 oz

Price: $65

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