Rebated spear head

4 mm blunt classic long triangle blade spear head on an 1 1/4" assegai-sized hard wood shaft. Excellent for reenactment, stage, film, or any place you want to/need to carry a nice spear without the threat of immediate impalement. (It's not a flexi-blade, so still, be careful). Comes socketed onto a short hard wood shaft, secured by a riveted pin that can easily be removed (grinder or dremel tool recommended) if one wants to put the head onto a longer shaft. I'd offer them to you on a longer shaft, but quite frankly it's quite expensive to ship full-length spears. If you want to keep them on the short shaft and play Zulu Wars (hey, what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom is between consenting adults), no problem. A pair also makes for a great display when crossed on the wall behind a sword or shield.

length: 34 1/4"
head overall: 15 1/4"
tip to wings: 8 5/8"
edges: 4mm
wood shaft: 19"
weight: 1 lb 14.8 oz

Price: $40

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