16th century Axe of Justice

Not exactly an executioner/headsman's axe, this wonderful (horrifying) beasty replicated from a 16th century German original was for carrying out lesser extremes of "justice": the lopping of of hands and feet and other extremities as the court dictated. The hand-forged darkened blade features a 6 1/2" cutting edge and gold-filled engravings: on one side is an 'INRI' cross and the date 1548, and the other side shows a crowned hand and the motto 'SGODES+HELPE+MEI+' (God help me). The 1 1/2" hardwood shaft features an ornate ferrule and end-cap. Just think of all of the reenactment fun to be had with this!

length: 32"
head: 9 1/2" x 6 1/2"
weight: 4 lbs

Closeout Price: $130

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