Moroccan koumiya

length: 15 1/4"
blade: 9"
blade width: 7/8"
grip and pommel: 5 3/4"
weight (koumiya): 7.0 oz
weight (koumiya & scabbard): 13.0 oz

Come here and I'll tell you of koumiya - this is the Moroccan version of the traditional Arabic jambiya. Once the French and British empires expanded into northern Africa in the early 1800's and the homelands of the Arabs were overrun with white-suited expatriates fancying themselves as desert-wallahs, it became quite popular to send local weaponry back home to amaze and astound the yokels who were not so well travelled and worldweary. Morocco having gone down quite early to the rampages of European colonialism, industries sprang up overnight to supply the Extravagantly Rich White Devils with the native weapons that helped them feel superior to the poor Wogs without the benefit of Good British Steel.

This koumiya dates from the early to mid 1900's. Unsharpened steel blade, wood grip, ornately engraved nickel silver fittings and scabbard. A nice decorative piece or letter opener.