Moroccan koumiya dagger

I've seen a lot of Moroccan koumiya in my day, and if you're an antique collector, so have you. Some are daggers, some are letter openers - this one's a dagger. Definitely a real koumiya, not an export (i.e. tourist) piece - the blade is very good, quite solid, looks to be from file steel. The hit and fittings are simple but elegant, another indicator of a use-me knife rather than a sell-me-to-bwana knife. Sharp on the inside edge and for half of the outside edge. No scabbard, unfortunately - when this came to me it was tucked into a cut-down early 1900's bayonet scabbard which it obviously really did not fit at all. A good indicator of age, but not the scabbard this knife deserves.

length: 15 3/4"
blade: 10"
blade width: 7/8"
grip and pommel: 5 1/4"
weight: 9.2 oz