Nepalese karda - kukhri accessory knife

length: 6"
blade: 3 1/2"
blade width: 5/8"
grip: 2 1/2"
weight: 0.6 oz

The kukhri (alternate spellings - khukuri, kukri, khukri) is the national knife of the Ghurkas of Nepal. Use of the kukhri has also spread into the Himalayas and India. Each kukhri knife comes en suite with a scabbard that includes two small knives - the karda and the chakmak. The karda is a small copy of the kukhri, and is used as a general utility knife. The chakmak is also shapped like the kukhri, but is actually a blunt edged tool, used either as a sharpening steel for the kukhri blade, or as a striker (in combination with native flint) to start fires. This larger-than-usual karda comes from the Royal Armory of Nepal, where it has been in storage for the past 100 years.