Conan the Barbarian Atlantean sword

John Milius' absolutely brilliant film version of Conan The Barbarian, with the amazingly muscled (but thankfully mostly silent) Arnold Schwarzenegger as the titular hero (stop sniggering, it's a real word) influenced generations of fans and hundreds of fantasy films that followed. One of the most copied / mass produced swords in fantasy history, the Atlantean sword that Conan found in a king's crypt is instantly identifiable. This version, while not *the* absolute best, is the absolute best officially licensed Atlantean sword (that doesn't have a production wait time of over a year and the cost of a good used car.)

This officially licensed* version of the Atlantean sword is hand-forged from 1085 high carbon steel and is tempered to a Rockwell harness of 52 for strength. It weighs in at a rather hefty 8 lbs 6 oz - but hey, mighty thewed barbarians are indeed mighty, and intricately detailed cast bronze fittings are also indeed mighty.

*(copyright 2011 Conan Properties International, LLC. Conan , Conan the Barbarian , and all related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Conan Properties International LLC unless otherwise noted.)
(I hope you heard that in your head as read really fast as it would have been at the end of the commercial.)

length: 38 7/8"
blade: 28 1/8"
blade width: 3 3/16"
blade thickness: 1/4"
wrapped grip: 5 3/4"
weight: 8 lb 6 oz

Price: $425