Jon Snow's Longclaw

This is an officially licensed Game of Thrones replica made by Valryian Steel. I'm pr-e-e-e-e-t-t-y sure that you're familiar with Longclaw at this point - even if in the end there really was no point at all to Jon's Major Character Arc To Kill The Night King. Yeah, season 8 was a real let down - but remember the excitement of the first years? Hold on to that.

This longsword is 45" overall with a 35" stainless blade, a leather wrapped grip, and the famous wolf-head pommel. (Man, if only they had actually showed some kind of connection between Jon and his dire wolf (who only made the occasional feel-good cameo appearance .. okay, maybe I'm a little bitter). Each limited production Valyrian Steel (tm) replica is individually serialized with a certificate of authenticity and wall-mount wooden display plaque with the Night Watch Oath.

Price: $270

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