Eddard Stark's Ice

This is an officially licensed Game of Thrones replica made by Valryian Steel. Used by the hero of the show, Eddard Stark, for all eight seasons, leading up to his long-anticipated and well deserved rise to the Iron Throne at the end of the series. (cups ear ... um ... what? They did what to Sean Bean? When? Who the hell thought that was a good idea? Um ... never mind).

This sword of justice is 57 1/2" overall with a 42" 1060 high-carbon steel blade. The hilt is rosewood, with antiqued brass fittings. A truly massive sword, fit for a King.

(Damn it.)

Each limited production Valyrian Steel (tm) replica is individually serialized with a certificate of authenticity and wall-mount wooden display plaque with a silkscreened House of Stark wolf sigil.

Oh, and since I don't get to brag about this often enough, here's me (Therion) with *Ice* - yes, the original, as used on screen. Right before Season 5, HBO sent out a whole bunch of props and costumes and arms and armor on tour; and the tour spent a week in Austin at the South by SouthWest (SXSW) festival. I was on the theatre crew that installed special lighting for the exhibition; and I made friends with the propmaster on loadout and got to heft a couple of toys. This is me, in full stagehand regalia, gaining over 9000 sword-nerd points.

Price: $350

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