Oberyn Martell's spear

This is an officially licensed Game of Thrones replica made by Valryian Steel. Oberyn Martell, also known as "The Red Viper", used this way cool spear really effectively - until he went all showboat proud of his skills with it. Let this be a lesson to you and your eyeballs.

The Red Viper's spear is 79" overall with a 26" stainless blade that's 4" wide - yeah, this is almost more of a partisan than a spear - full on hack and stab polearm action. You could take on a Mountain with this! The wood shaft unscrews into two pieces for easy transport.

Each limited production Valyrian Steel (tm) replica is individually serialized with a certificate of authenticity and includes a wall-mount wooden display plaque with a silkscreened Kingdom of Dorne sigil.

Price: $330

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