Jaimie Lannister's sword

This is an officially licensed Game of Thrones replica made by Valryian Steel. This is "Widow's Wail", one of two swords made from Ice, the ancestral sword of House Stark. It was given by Tywin Lannister as a wedding gift to his grandson King Joffrey Baratheon prior to the wedding ceremony, but thankfully that little shit died before he could actually do anything evil with it. The sword disappeared from GoT for a while, and then Jamie Lannister carries it in seasons 7 and 8 - and it's the sword he used to knight Brienne of Tarth.

Widow's Wail is 38" overall, with a 29 1/2" stainless blade and an antique finish "jeweled" metal hilt.

Each limited production Valyrian Steel (tm) replica is individually serialized with a certificate of authenticity and includes a wall-mount wooden display plaque with a silkscreened House Lannister lion sigil.

Price: $270

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