Excalibur - Gen2 / Legacy Arms

From the greatest movie of the 1980s that wasn't John Milius's Conan : here is King Arthur's sword Excalibur, from the John Boorman film of the same name.

You can either pull this sword from a stone and be claimed King of All England

Or some watery tart can give it back to you after you've done something stupid with it

Or you can buy this version, made by Legacy Arms (The-Sword-Company-Formerly-Known as Gen2). I don't know if you'll be able to pull it from a stone, but if you're strong enough you'll be able to stab into one - Legacy Arms swords are NOT prop wallhangers, they are full on tough as nails and sharp as Morgan's tongue.

This bad-ass reproduction has a 5160 steel blade, a wood grip wrapped in stainless steel wire, cast bronze fittings, and comes with a wood core leather-sewn scabbard with matching hardware. This is a Sword Fit for A King.

Price: $475

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