Ranger sword

You've likely seen this sword in several movies. There are a lot of sword-like-objects out there that look a lot like this sword; but this one is made by Legacy Arms / Gen2, and it's functional and sharp, not a wallhanger. The blade is tempered 5160 steel with a 2" ricasso for strength and a full tang peened through the leather wrapped hardwood hilt. The pommel and guard are polished steel; the scabbard is hardwood wrapped in leather with steel fittings. Fantasy based, real sword. This sword was carried by some Man Who Would Be King, a dude named "Strutter" or something like that.

length: 49"
blade: 36"
hilt: 13"
balance point: 1/2"
weight: 4 lb

also available is a matching Ranger dagger.

Price: $335

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