Yang saber

Allow me to preface my comments by noting that while I've studied Japanese and European martial arts, I've never been a Chinese stylist. That being said, I really love this saber - very light, excellent feel. The handling is smooth, cuts just flow. These sabers are built for the Yang-style Tai Chi practitioner, and are solidly built and beautifully decorated. The t-backed high-carbon steel blades are fully tempered, with excellent balance and flexibility. The brass fittings complement the rosewood grip and scabbard.

length: 40 1/4"
blade: 30 3/4"
blade width: 1 3/8"
grip and pommel: 9 1/2"
guard: 5 3/4"
balance point: 3 1/2"
weight (sword): 2 lb 2.5 oz
weight (sword & scabbard): 3 lb 15.5 oz

Discontinued and sold out