Thermoplastic 'Leatherneck' training knife

Nigh-unto indestructible thermoplastic Santoprene (a cross between rubber and polypropylene) training knife/waster. (I say nigh, since it's similar to the concept of how "idiots are so ingenious", but yeah, you'd be hard-pressed to break this.) Very similar in appearance to a Marine Corps and Navy fighting knife made famous in WWII, Vietnam, and even today (which I guess is why the manufacturer of these training knives can't come right out and say Ka- um never mind). Tough, light, thick-edged, lightly flexible.

length: 12"
blade: 7"
blade width: 1 3/16"
grip and pommel: 4 3/4"
guard: 2 1/2"
weight: 4.3 oz

Price: $15 (one knife)

Price: $25 (pair)

Price: $65 (instructor's special - half dozen)

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