Italian dagger / main gauche

length: 19 3/8"
blade: 12 3/4"
grip: 6 5/8:
weight: 1 lb 2 oz

Made as a companion dagger to the extremely light and well balanced Cold Steel Italian longsword. Scaled down in size but almost identical in appearance to the longsword, this dagger's sharply tapered double edged 1055 high carbon steel blade favors attacks with the point, and is stiff and strong enough to parry any sword. Makes for an excellent sidearm dagger on it's own, or an effective alternative to a shield, targe, or buckler when the longsword is used one-handed. Comes with a matching leather covered wood scabbard with steel fittings.

Here is a video from Cold Steel describing (rather poorly, actually) and impressively showing (but with awful form) the longsword and dagger in action:

(warning - used car salesman in a bad tie followed by gruesome pig carcass hacking ensues)

Price: $160

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