Orleans battle axe

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A really brutal heavy-duty early 15th century anti-armor battleaxe from the Battlecry Collection, for use by either cavalry or infantry. The head is 1065 high carbon steel tempered into the low 50s RC range with a blackened crackle/antiqued finish. The blade is for serious whomping on lightly armored troops, the back spike is for punching holes in armor and helmets alike. The top spike is for adding injury to insult. The hardwood shaft is protected by 14" steel langets, and the grip is grooved for your pleasure. The axe edge and both pointy bits are giggle-inducing sharp.

length: 31 3/8"
head: 9 3/4" edge to spike
axe edge: 7 1/2" tip to tip
back spike: 4"
top spike: 4"
pinned langets: 14 1/2"
haft (head to butt): 25"
weight: 2 lb 15 oz

Price: $180

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