Dragon King modern tanto

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A modern take on a traditional weapon constructed in historical form with modern materials. The blade is 1566 steel with a kiln-controlled differentially tempered hamon line. The habaki and seppa are copper, and the tsuka is textured G10 thermoset laminated plastic dual pinned for an unremovable secure grip, embedded with Lion Dog silver menuki. The textured black saya features an olive paracord sageo around a polymer kurikata and kojiri. This tanto is a 21st century continuation of the Meiji Restoration.

length: 16"
blade: 10 1/2"
blade thickness at tsuba: 5.4mm
blade thickness at tip: 4mm
tsuka: 5 1/2"
weight (tanto): 15.0 oz

also available are the matching Dragon King modern katana and the Dragon King modern wakizashi.

Price: $220

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