Rajput fighting tulwar

length: 34"
blade: 29"
blade width: 1 1/4" base
grip: 3 3/4"
pommel disk: 2 3/4"
weight: 2 lbs 2 oz

For years, I've been mostly ignoring tulwar since the majority of them for sale in the US are flimsy 1800's and 1900's "Sepoy" tulwar, mass produced as inexpensive weaponry by native workers in colonial factories. Handling this tulwar has convinced me differently - it's definetly a fighting weapon. The blade is quite robust, 1/4" thick at the base of the spine, and it tapers down to 1/16" at the false edge (also an unusual feature in tulwar). This sword has seen some action with one bad chip at the striking "sweet spot", but otherwise is in good shape for it's age (and usefulness!). Solid hilt is decorated with silver koftgari work, the cloth covered wooden scabbard is most likely newer than the sword, but it fits the blade (size-wise if not aesthetically). Offered here at TherionArms on commission for a friend. A tip o'the helmet and thanks to P.S. Rawson for his book 'The Indian Sword' (New York, Arco Publishing Company, 1969) for the identification of this sword as Rajput form (western India), circa 1700's.