Mexican eagle head machete

length: 27"
blade: 22"
blade width: 2 7/8"
grip and pommel: 5"
weight: 1 lb 7.4 oz

The eagle head motif found in many Mexican knives, swords, and machetes traces back to the origins of the Mexican state and to mid 1800's Spanish "cutacha" sidearms. This particular eagle hilted machete dates to between the 1920's and the 1940's. The blade is sharpened on the flat inside edge, and the hump-back swelling (out to nearly 3") adds extra weight behind the sweet-spot impact point. Engraved designs on both sides - "Guerrero, De las Triguenas" and "Acapulco, Soy el Rey". Horn hilt has a crack and is missing one ear.