Swazi 'Isezeze' battle axe

length: 39 1/2"
axe face (along edge): 19"
blade width (center): 1 1/2"
blade point to back of shaft: 7 3/8"
weight: 1 lb 13.4 oz

Swazi "swallow tail" style battle axe. The Zulu & their close relatives the Swazi used these axes. Originally they were reserved for military leaders of royal blood. The difference between a Zulu axe and a Swazi is found in the haft. The Zulu usually have a club-like haft, whereas the Swazi have a haft that has almost no bulb at the joint & the haft extends past the joint for at least 5 inches. Both peoples decorated the hafts and attachment points with intricately braided brass and/or copper wire. This particular axe comes from the Zandondo area of Swaziland, in the time of Chief Mandanna Mtetawa.