Swazi 'gebu' war club c263

length: 35 1/2"
head circumference: 12"
shaft: 33"
weight: 1 lb 5.2 oz

War club from the Dokolwako area of Swaziland, under Chief Malamlela Magagula. These one piece clubs were made from the "sinyeye" or red ivory tree. This club style is a descendant of the sagila and lingedla clubs - the heartwood indentations have been widened until the head is completely flat on the top and bottom. In 18th century Scotland, this style of war club was called a "three wood". (Someone was going to make that joke no matter what, so I figured I'd say it first.)

This club was collected in southern Africa circa the mid 1900's, and is an authentic weapon made for use.