Breastplate and backplate set #204

dummy's chest: 41"
dummy's waist: 34"
breastplate neckline to fald: 16 1/2""
weight (set): 4 lb 9.8 oz

Antique breastplate and backplate set, 18 gauge steel, with one-lame falds. As you can see, the armor is a little big on the dummy, but that could be because he has no arms (and his head isn't in great shape either). Dummy measurements given for comparison with your measurements, and the neckline measurement given above is from the lowest point of the collar to the base of the fald, measured in a straight line. Armor can be squeeze-fit for minor adjustments to size.

This antique costume armor is from the collection of the San Francisco Opera House, and was made in the workshop of Leopold Verein of Charlottenburg, Germany in the late 1800's or early 1900's. It has been cleaned, repaired, reconditioned to the original steel finish, and clear-wax coated for protection in the TherionArms workshop.