German/Swiss messer/saber

length: 34 3/4"
blade: 27"
blade width: 2"
grip and pommel: 7 1/2"
guard: 7 5/8"
weight: 3 lb 8.2 oz

A German/Swiss style two-hand cutlass/langmesser/saber of composite construction by weaponsmith Tom Hyle. The weapon style is of the mid 15th century, used by both German and Swiss military troopers as a working tool as well as a weapon. The spring-tempered blade is from a hand made late 19th or early 20th century agricultural implement - extremely tough and heavy, a little bit wavy, forged to shape fire blackened steel that has and will stand up to use. Military style thru-tang hilt with ergonomic grip, half-shell crossguard, and heavy pommel. A good "working" sword for a landskecht reenactor or collector.