Javanese mata tombak military spear

length: 63 1/4"
head: 13"
blade width: 1"
shaft & ferrule: 45 1/2"
buttspike: 5 1/2"
weight: 2 lb 9.2 oz

Unusually large and robust mata tombak spear head from the late 1700's or early 1800's, mounted on an antique (but newer) shaft with buttspike and iron ferrule. Patinated laminated blade. At one point in the tombak's career, the tang was shortened for mounting as a dagger, but it has since been remounted as a spear again, with the traditional wooden wedge for anchorage. A heavy-duty tombak spear, most likely made for a professional soldier rather than a hunter/warrior. Mahogany scabbard wrapped with green cord.