Decorative breastplate

height (base to mid collar): 19 1/4"
height (base to soulder): 24 1/4"
widest point (across curve): 19 1/4"
weight: 5 lb 1.8 oz

A decorative cast-metal breastplate with an eagle in relief. This is a costume/decorative piece, not intended for any combat activities. This was most likely once upon a time to have been part of a crossed-swords wall panoply display. I added the straps a couple of years ago to use this breastplate as costume armor on Halloween. Sized to fit a warrior in the size L to XL range - definetly not XXL, which is why my charming assistant and not I is pictured wearing the breastplate. Interior marked "HQ 350 Japan" - yeah, that's it, this is SAMURAI ARMOR! (not really - not that I needed to tell you "not really"). This is a post-WWII Japanese copy of a Victorian impression of a late 17th century breastplate in the style of a classical Roman breastplate.