Nepalese kothimora kukri (khukri, khukuri, kukhri)

length: 15 3/4"
blade: 10 3/4"
maximum blade width: 2"
spine: 3/8"
bolster and grip: 5"
weight (kukri): 1 lb 1.6 oz
weight (kukri & scabbard): 1 lb 9.8 oz

Nepalese kothimora kukri (variant spellings - khukri, khukhri, kukhri). The kothimora is distinguished by the elegant decoration on the scabbard. Often presented to visiting dignitaries, persons of importance, or retiring military officers, the kothimora combines the traditional weapon with the ornamentation appropriate to the "male jewelry" of an important person. Mid 20th century example - horn handle, brass bolster, buttcap and blade inlay, leather covered wood scabbard adorned with nickle silver chape (kothi) and locket; woven metal chain (sangli) with brass disc and inset. Companion knives missing.