American WWI-era broadsword/bayonet fencing mask

wire mask height: 13"
weight: 3 lb 11.6 oz

This is a U.S. military "broadsword" training mask as used between 1900-1917. Similar masks were used in bayonet training from about the 1840s onwards. They were worn in conjunction with heavily padded plastrons and gauntlets. The training bayonets were sometimes spring-loaded to compress on impact, like the prop daggers that used to be stocked in theaters, and the points were padded with blunts about the size of a golf ball (hence the relatively wide grill over the eye/nose area.) In excellent condition, but the bib has come loose and some of the leather in the crown padding is tearing, allowing the cotton stuffing to escape. Wire mask is pristine, leather straps and buckles are all perfect.