Algerian / Kayblian Tribal flyssa

length: 21"
blade: 16 1/2"
blade width: 1 1/8" base, 1/8" tip
grip: 4 1/4"
weight: 11.6 oz

Rare "Tribal" version of the classic Algerian / Kayblian flyssa dagger. This is the only one of it's type I've ever seen - the engravings and inlaid brass are quite different from the typical patterns found on flyssa (dig that funky peace sign!), and the grip is bare wood as opposed to the usualy hammered overlay. Blade is quite thick at the spine, 7/16", tapering distally to 1/16" near the point. Scabbard is wood with dark copper bands and incised designs. More pictures available on request, this is a truely unique example of a flyssa.