Moroccan nimcha shortsword

length: 24"
blade: 17"
blade width: max 1.2"
handle: 7"
guard: 3"

Moroccan short sword, circa early 1900's. These are usually categorized as "nimcha" by other antique dealers, but I've personally never been happy with that designation. Nimcha are longer Moroccan swords a century or two earlier than these short curved weapons. "That's not a real nimcha, this is a real nimcha". Is there another term for these short curved swords? I don't know ... do you? Anyway, this "short curved usually called a nimcha but I don't like that designation for it" sword is actually a very nice example of it's type, with a sturdy blade and inlaid silver wire on the grip, and the typical stamped "eyelash" decoration on the blade commonly found on north-west African weaponry throughout the 18 and 1900's.