Filipino wakizashi

length: 18 1/2"
blade: 13 3/4"
blade width: 1 1/8" base
grip: 4 3/4"
guard: 2 1/2" max

Now here's something you don't see all of the time - a D-guard wakizashi. My best estimate is that this was produced in the Philippines in the vicinity of WWII. Unknown whether this was before or after the Japanese occupied the islands and were very not nice to the native Filipinos. More likely after the war, because the guard, tsuba, grip spacers, and scabbard fittings are aluminum - which was much more prevalent on the islands post-war that it was pre-war. The blade is 1/4" thick at the spine with distal taper down towards the point, so this wasn't a cheap mass-produced tourist item for sale to gringo yankee sailors. It's interesting that the blade is fullered out towards the tip instead of at the base, but it makes for a really sweet balance and feel to the hand. The grip is composite, of multiple hardwoods with aluminum spacers. A superbly crafted and as far as I know unique piece.