antique Chinese dadao war sword

length: 32 1/4"
blade: 22"
blade width: 1 7/8"
grip: 10 1/4"

You've seen them all - The cheap Atlanta Cutlery imitation! The cheaper United Cutlery imitation of the Atlanta Cutlery imitation! The absurdly cheap and barely looks recognizable as a sword made-in-the-Philippines imitation of the United Cutlery imitation of the Atlanta Cutlery imitation! Now here's your chance to own the real thing!!!
Whew, got a bit carried away with there for a minute. Yes, this is a Chinese dadao fighting sword, of the type used from before the Boxer Rebellion through the Japanese invasion of China (circa 1870's through 1930's or so). The blade is quite thick and functional, a full 1/4" wide at the base before tapering down to the tip. Tip reinforced with raised 5 1/2" back edge for that little extra impact on a cut. Handle wrapped with red cloth tape and thin leather. The guard is missing, but would be relatively simple to recreate, as the guards were relatively simple. I love using dadao for indoor slow-work training and kata. Keeps me from breaking all of the coffee mugs and knick-knacks in the house.