Chinese double swords

lengths: 25 1/4"
blades: 20"
blade widths: 1 1/16" base
grips: 5 1/4"
guards: 3"

I'm really torn about the identification of this set. On one hand, they show characteristics of swords made for tourist export in the 1920's or so, and on the other hand they also could quite well have been made as usable weapons from the 1880's through the 1930's. The blades are distally tapered and quite springy which says weapons, but they're etched with dragons which say export. I wouldn't shave with one of these, but the blades definetly were sharpened at one point. Double fullers on each blade, grips are wood wrapped with flat cord, fittings are brass. Guards rattle, but they were actually designed that way. Chinese warriors and martial artists were really into the whistle, rattle, clank, and jangle of weapons throughout their history. Kind of like the "ka-chunk" of a 12-gauge shotgun to Americans. No scabbard, but they both would have fit into one scabbard for ease of transport and annoying the hell out of your opponent when what looks like one sword suddenly becomes a sword in each hand. You know, the more I sit here and play with them, the more I'm willing to classify them as weapons. These would definetly do some damage to unarmored targets.