Sudanese arm dagger

length: 10 1/8"
blade: 6 1/8"
blade width: 1"
grip: 4"

The height of 1800's North African concealed weapons technology, this dagger was made to be worn strapped to the upper arm underneath your burnoose. A great last-ditch weapon when your jezzail is empty and your kaskara has snapped, or maybe this was just an everyday utility knife. It does go a way towards explaining why those wily desert marauders often stood around hugging themselves with their hands up their sleeves.

An exquisite little dagger, exactly as pictured and described on page 21 of Stone's Glossary. Thin blade etched incised with decorative lines parallel to the blade edges, wooden handle sewn with tight leather, thick embossed lether sheath. This piece was definetly someone's well worn and well traveled every day knife, but it's in great shape for it's age. Circa early to mid 1800's.