Ngombe shortsword

length: 19"
blade: 14 1/2"
blade width: 4" max
grip: 4 1/2"
"stem": 3"

Shortsword, dagger, shortsword, dagger ... where do you draw the line? In my opinion, if the blade is over a foot long and the weapon would be hard to conceal, it's a shortsword. This Ngombe long dagger gets the benefit of the doubt by considering the "stem" between the grip and flaring base of the blade. This one's seen some use and hard times. Should have been about an inch longer, tip of blade and pommel are chipped but the edges are still rather sharp and would be quite nasty against an unarmored opponent. This was definetly a working blade and not a "souvenir of your trip to Darkest Africa". Light and lethal despite it's age and use. Circa mid 1800's.