Burmese dha

length: 35"
blade: 23"
blade width: 1 1/8" base, 1 1/2" maximum
grip: 12"

A particularly solid example of the dha coming out of the Burma / Myanmar / Cambodia / Thailand area in the mid 1900's. This one is quite thick at the base of the spine, 5/16" with incised brass inlay tapering down to the much thinner point. Brass fittings and the standard woven flat fiber braiding on the handle, the very end of the buttcap is missing. A nice sturdy hand-worked sword meant for usage. Wooden scabbard of standard traditional design, slight split at the top where someone messed up on their noto at one point. ("noto" is the Japanese art of sticking the sword back into the scabbard without looking. I was never too sure of why one should bother with this style return, since there's no way one should stick a bloodied blade back into the scabbard without giving it a thorough cleaning.)