German practice schlager

length: 41"
blade: 34"
blade width: 5/8" base
grip: 6"
basket: 9" wide

Late 1800's - early 1900's Solingen steel, blade has "Sword though S" Solingen stamp from this time period. Nice springy blade, not overly stiff, in perfect temper and completely usable. The basket is flat bar stock with a steel inner shell covered in gray and red felt. The innermost ring of the basket is/was covered in a gold metalic fabric instead of the felt, it's a bit thready now. That's the only part of this sword that hasn't passed the test of time with flying colors. The blade is pristine, not a single nick. This is an excellent complete original in unused condition. All I did was wipe a layer of dust off of it. It even has the leather loop trigger guard which is often missing. Great sword for collectors or reenactors. What's cooler, schlager combat with a modern sword, or a 100 year old sword that's aching to finally be used and costs less than many reproductions?