Taras Bulba shasqua

length: 41"
blade: 34 1/2"
blade width: 1"
grip: 6 1/2"

Russian shasqua from the 1962 film production of Taras Bulba, starring Yule Brenner and Tony Curtis and a few thousand screaming maniacs on horseback. Created by Western Costume for the film from a US model 1840 cavalry saber mated with a solid cast pewter handle. I'm not joking when I say these are damned impressive swords. The blade of this one is in absolutely pristine condition. Not a mark or nick on it, and the top part of a serial number or manufacturer's name is visible on the forte above the grip. I may have to take this one apart out of curiosity. Scabbard is (as usual) missing the leather tip and is split at the 2nd ring (also seems to have been a stress point for these scabbards).
I have half a dozen of these swords, when they're sold that's it, the world certainly isn't producing more of them. All of my collection are model 1840 or model 1860 blades - I did see some Bulba swords made from model 1909 blades, but since the 1909 was a piece of dress tinfoil, I passed on those. Only the best weapons are presented at TherionArms!