Aceh sikkin

length: 23"
blade: 18 1/4"
blade width: 1 1/8" maximum
grip: 5"

This particular type of klewang is from Aceh (or Atjeh to the Dutch, who lost a particularly nasty war there, 1898-1904). It's that cool double-lobed pommel that identifies this weapon as Acheen. Exceedingly sharp blade is 3/8" thick at the spine, w/distal taper to about 1/32" at the (spikey, nasty) point. One can see how the Dutch got whupped by the locals defending the homeland with these. I'm pretty sure that was the last big gasp of the Dutch trade and colonial empire. Wooden scabbard is held together with rattan bands. I'm not sure if this sikkin is rebellion-era or newer, but it's certainly a sweet little weapon.