German partisan

length: 8' 8"
head: 19"
wingspan: 8 3/4"

This copy of a 1620's German partisan came from a major Hollywood film prop house, and has been reconditioned in the TherionArms workshop. The head is solid cast brass, which cleaned up quite nicely from the ugly mess it used to be - the head had been painted silver on one side and gold on the other, which gives us an interesting look into the multifunctionality of film props, but was quite horrible in person. The shaft was painted flat black, it's now been sanded down to the bare wood, stained and sealed. Drastic restoration programs such as this are totally inappropriate for period antiques, but since this one was created as a prop and is only about 70 years old, I felt it was ripe for reconditioning - and I'm very happy with the results. A very solid and attractive polearm. Circa early 1900's, based upon a 1620-ish example. Our gothic model stands about 6'1" at the top of his helmet.