Italian spontoon

length: 8' 1"
head: 13 1/2"
head width: 4"

This marvelous parade or palace guard spontoon bears the Savoy crest of the Kingdom of Italy, which was a political entity from 1850-1949. Most likely made in Italy in the late 1800's, this spontoon passed into the hands of a major Hollowood prop house in the early 1900's, whereupon the head was badly spraypainted silver and the shaft was painted flat black. This aesthetic abomination was absolutely abhorrent, and the spontoon has now been reconditioned into it's original brass and hardwood glory. A 34" x 59" Italian flag of the same period will be included with the purchase of this spontoon, just 'cause I happen to have one and it makes a neat historical addition to the polearm. Our lovely TherionArms Gothic Model stands 6' 1" to the top of his helmet.