Sea Hawk film halberd

height: 6' 5 1/2"
head: 26 1/2"(langets to tip)
axe blade: 8 3/4"
blade to back spike: 9 1/2"
top spike: 11 1/4"
shaft: 5' x 1 1/2" x 1 1/4"

This solid film halberd came to me via a major Hollywood prop department and was reconditioned in the TherionArms workshop from the horrible painted mess it was into the condition you see here. The (square) shaft was painted flat black and the head was painted crappy gold and it was really really ugly. My source tells me that this halberd (and the other one I have listed) is from the 1940 Errol Flynn swashbuckling spectacular The Sea Hawk, which you gotta admit is one of the coolest pirate movies ever made. The heavy solid brass head and extended integral langets of this halberd is quite sturdy - and it's completely list legal for SCA combat! ("Are you bearing any offensive steel?" "Nay, M'Lord".)

Our lovely model stands about 6'1" at the top of his helmet, giving you an idea of the size of this polearm. Please don't really duct-tape the head and try to get this halberd past the SCA marshals, you'll get us both in trouble.