Wahabite silver jambiya

length: 20 1/4"
blade: 15"
blade width: 2 1/2" base
grip: 4 1/2"

This long jambiya dagger is functionally a short sword. This style of jambiya began with the Wahabite Arabs in the 1800's, then the style spread all over the Arabian Penninsula, particularly in the central and western regions of Najd and the Hejaz (a tip o'the turban to Oriental-Arms for the identification of type). Hilt and scabbard are magnificent copper and silver work, even in minor disrepair (one stud missing from hilt, scabbard missing velvet cloth from central area). Flat curved blade wickedly sharp on both edges, point to hilt. The jambiya was held from the thumb side of the hand, point forwards towards enemy (and do not EET). Jambiya fights were a wild slashing swirl of activity. A rather unusual style of jambiya, ca. early to mid 1800's.