Austrian cavalry saber

length: 32 3/4"
blade: 27"
blade width: 1 1/4" @ forte
grip: 4 1/2"
guard: 6" x 4 1/2"

Identified as a Model 1877 Austrian cavalry saber in Eduard Wagner's "Swords and Daggers" (London, Hamlyn, 1975, printed in Czechoslovakia). Wagner shows a nearly identical sword and describes it as 'leichter Gattung' - lighter version. The one we're looking at now is not leichter, it's a damned solid sword. Unsharpened chromed blade as it was originally issued. Deep fuller - between the depth of the fuller and the thickness of the spine (3/8" at base), this blade is almost T-backed. A very sturdy and well made sword from the tail end of the time swords were still regularly used in combat.