US bayonet and fencing gauntlet

length: 22"
cuff: 12"
glove size: medium

Now here's something you don't see every day - a left-handed early 1900's US military fencing and bayonet gauntlet in absolutely pristine mint condition. The fellow I got this from was the one who opened the box this gauntlet had been packed in since 1918. (I have a copy of the packing slip, will include it with purchase). Horsehide leather glove padded with horse hair and a felt-lined fiber board sleeve. Made by Stall and Dean in Chicago, 1918. As stated in the ordnance stores manual of 1917, the left-hand glove was issued to the Infantry, supplemented with the right as needed for bayonet and fencing practice. The right-hand glove was usually issued only for Cavalry use.