Indo-Persian buckler

diameter: 11 1/2"
circumference: 36"
weight: 3 lbs 12 oz

Hey, I just learned something. I've always looked at pictures and museum displays of the small Indo-Persian bucklers and wondered how they could actually be useful and survive in a good fight ... and then I picked this one up and I knew. They're pretty solid little bucklers. 3 lbs 12 oz may sound light, but that's actually about 2x the weight of the swords they'd be defending against (tulwar), and it's a heavy solid weight out at the end of your fist and it's thick and sturdy to boot. Yeah, they're not invulnerable, as this example aptly demonstrates (broken rim, one missing boss and one loose boss), but it has a good solid feel to it and you could see why it would be effective for deflecting and enemy's weapon and for hard fast strikes to the face and body of an opponent. The battle damage to this one makes for great display - who wants a sissy pristine buckler that's never been used? Early 1800's, pad backing and strap remnants early 1900's.