Model 1909 Argentine sidearm

length: 20 3/4"
blade: 15 1/2"
blade width: 1 3/8"
grip: 5"
guard: 4 1/4"

A very crisp and solid example of a Model 1909 Argentinian sidearm, made in Germany for export to South America. Ever wonder why so many Nazi bastards escaped to Argentina after WWII? It's because they had been prepping themselves a new homeland since the First Reich. Since they're relatively common and easy to acquire, nearly every sword and weapon collector in the world has a 1909 Argentine sidearm or bayonet in their collection. I only have this one, but you can maintain the balance by helping transfer it from my collection to yours. This M1909 is umarked, but it's a nice solid and sturdy piece in excellent condition.