Indian giant kukhri

length: 29 1/2"
blade: 24 1/2"
blade width: 2 1/4" max
grip: 5"

This is a made-for-export (i.e. tourist) piece from the mid-1900's. Absolutely perfect for the next time you need to cut the head off of a water buffalo with one stroke - all of the cows near my ranch live in fear of the day I decide to revise my undergraduate 8mm film version of Apocalypse Now. Help preserve Texas wildlife by securely stashing this huge weapon over your fireplace instead of over mine. Blade was varnished for protection at some point in it's career. Fancy embroidered scabbard a bit raggedy, and it was hiding the two traditional mini-knives - 4 years in my collection and I never discovered them until writing up this description. They're now shown in the last photo, and please don't really cut up live cows with this kukhri, I was joking.